Welcome to my blog....I started this blog to express my feeling in the life and death of my precious angel, Giovanna Jean. She will always be in our hearts....we love you baby girl!

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I'm writing this blog for me, to express my feelings in this difficult time, if I upset or offend you in anyway, sorry stop reading!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Last night we attended mass for all souls day, they read the names of all who have died in the church this year, there were 51 names read. It's hard to believe that one of those names was our baby girl. It gives me comfort to know that I will see her again one day but it saddens me that she's not physically here with us. Halloween was this past week-end and while the kids had a ball trick-or-treating I just felt like something was missing. She should have been with us dressed in one of the little halloween buntings. It's just not fair...all the things she'll never do with us. I never got to feed her or hear her cry, she'll never spend a holiday with us or go on vacation...it's just not fair.  I struggle daily trying to remain positive and grateful for all the blessing I do have in my life but it's so hard when my heart aches for my baby girl. As we face the upcoming holidays I'm filled with dread, how will we get through all our baby girls first without her being part of them?!?

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  1. I am so sorry. I know it is so hard for you... I am so glad you have faith and hope... yet my heart aches for you and your empty arms. I am here for you.