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Friday, December 10, 2010

Giovanna's Tree

While I would give anything to have my baby girl here with us this Christmas, she gets to spend it with Jesus. I think that this first Christmas may possibly be one of the hardest. It was suppose to be Giovanna's 1st Christmas, we were going to get her all dressed up and take tons of pictures, the kids were so excited to have a baby sister. All we have now is the memory of a few short hours we spent with her and the thoughts of what could have been. She will always be a important part of our lives and she will live forever in our hearts...She is our 5th child, my 3rd daughter and the kids baby sister.  Although I know we all think about her daily I wanted a special way to honor her during the holidays. So we talked about it and the boys came up with the idea of a 'Angel' tree....what started out as a small pink tree turned into a 7 foot artificial tree. We decorated the tree with pink & silver bulbs & bows and when that wasn't enough we added pink butterflies. Bubba insisted we put the train he got for his birthday around Giovanna's Tree instead of our regular tree (I think he thought it was going to get lost in that mess of branches we call a tree, but that's a whole other story). Any special ornaments that are given to us over the holidays will also be placed on Giovanna's Tree.

Our 'Angel' Tree
A good friend gave us this special ornament. 
 Given to us shortly after Giovanna died....Christmas seemed so far away then.
I saw this and couldn't resist.


  1. We did a small pink tree for Adelyn. It doesn't have many ornaments yet - I wanted to leave room so I could buy some each year. I found so many that I "had" to buy this year though.