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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Since Giovanna's death I often find myself searching the web for stories similar to mine, I guess its that feeling of comfort knowing that someone else has went through what you have. I have found many tragic stories of baby loss, it breaks my heart to read what these women have went through, the pain that no mother should have to endure. As I read through all of these stories of loss I have yet to find a story similar to mine. Is it that I'm not looking in the right place or am I looking too hard? Is it that a death due to sever meconium aspiration is so rare?  I have found many stories of babies who suffered from meconium aspiration, some worse then others but none died.  It frustrates me that there is virtually no information out there on something that is so common...they don't have a sure reason it happens, no way to prevent it and really conflicting medical knowledge as to what to do when it happens. Its kinda scary, you think that doctors can fix everything with all of the tecnology that is out there...but there are still so many unknowns. I guess thats why we don't live in a perfect world...if this world was what would we have to look forward too....

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