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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The last 2 years on this day, Sept 13 I was pregnant...I remember Sept 13,2010 like it was yesterday; I was 6 days overdue I had my drs appointment, non stress test and scheduled my induction for Sept 16 then I made a stop at Sam's club on the way home to pick up some last minute things. I remember coming home and bailee and the neighbor girl where here, nick had the other kids taking down a corn crib (I was so mad they didn't get home til 10pm and hadn't eaten dinner). Little did I know I would be meeting my little angel in a few shot hours and how short her precious life would be. On this day last year I was also pregnant with our rainbow. I remember being such a bag of emotions,grieving my angel so nervous for my rainbow. That's the thing about losing a baby you quickly come to realize that being pregnant doesn't gaurentee a baby that you can take home (even after u pass the 'magic' date). Last year we celebrated Giovanna's birthday quietly at home with the kids, we released balloons and had ice cream cake. This year I had a idea to create a facebook event and ask my friends to do a random act of kindness in Giovanna's honor. I don't want people's sympathy I just want them to remember life's short, take a second and do something kind for someone else. That's a lesson I learned from my angel that I try to keep with me always. Who knew that in a few hours I could learn so much from such a little baby. So as I sit here on the eve of my sweet angels 2nd birthday in Jesus' arms I still find it hard to believe 2 years has passed...I often feel like something is missing and then I remember its not somthing but someone my precious Giovanna Jean. I cant help but wonder what my life would be like if she was in my arms instead of my heart?

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  1. So well said, I can totally relate. Hugs. I did the Facebook event last year, I loved it. It brought me peace. Not sure I will do it again this year or not.