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Saturday, August 25, 2012

This is a late post the last few weeks have been super busy, with the fair (no cell or internet) and the girls returning to school (boys are next they go back Monday). So much has happened these last few weeks. Heaven gained another angel with Nick's Nana passing away 2 weeks ago; she really was a special woman I'm glad that I had the chance to get to know her. She taught me many things and I have fond memories of times I spent with her. I'm so thankful that my children had the chance to know her too. We were trying to prepare them for her passing I told them that Nana was sick and probably wasn't going to live much longer and that it was ok to be sad because we were going to miss her but we should also be happy for her...she lived a good life and was going to get to be with Papa. Joey, always thinking says "Mom, Nana is going to get to meet Giovanna!" I hope he's right...I hope Nana is holding my sweet baby in her arms. I recently had a conversation with someone about how in my case when I lost my baby girl I also lost my fear of death...I have someone special there waiting for me...I'm not saying I want to die any time soon but when I do I'll hold my baby again! The selfish part of me is sad when someone I love passes away because I won't get to see them anymore but then I find myself thinking I should be happy for them...they get to meet our Father and live all eternity with Him! I can't believe in a few weeks my baby girl will be celebrating her 2nd birthday in heaven..her second year of being held in His arms. When you say 2 years it seems like such a long time but when you live it, it flies by. I remember the days after Giovanna was born...I couldn't imagine life in 2 weeks or months let alone 2 years. I thank God for my other children because I know without them and my wonderful husband I wouldn't have made it through. As much as I love and miss my angel I find comfort in knowing that she is at home with our Father.

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  1. I couldn't agree more. I was afraid of death also until Adelyn died. And I am not sure I would have survived without my oldest!