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Monday, June 27, 2011

Butterfly Release

Yesterday we went to the Angel Heart butterfly release at WP Hospital. It was the second time I have been back to there since we had Giovanna, on the way there I couldn't stop thinking about the drive home after Giovanna had passed and how emotional it was. I keep remembering how Jaden said, this isn't how it was suppose to be....according to us it wasn't how it was suppose to be but it was in His plan. It makes me realise that I shouldn't take a moment for granted, every second we have is truly a gift.
At the butterfly relase we were given flowers to plant in honor of our babies, we then went outside where there was a small service and a blessing of the flowers then we released the butterflies. In typical fashion, Joey opened his early to look at it and of course it flew away, he wouldn't be our son if he was doing what he's suppose to! It's heartbreaking to be around all of those people who have lost a child for whatever reason. When we were leaving we were given a ceramic butterfly with a poem on it that I would like to share.
As a butterfly graces our lives with a moment of beauty,
so has our baby's presence for a day, month, a year, or a short sweet flickering moment.
May you find peace & joy with each butterfly that flies in the beautiful sky,
knowing your baby lives in the hearts of everyone they have touched.
I know that Giovanna lives in many hearts!

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